Westies rule!

Coconut explores

It's quite scary how much love one can feel for one's dog (click for more pictures of Coconut). Funny too how loyal one becomes to the breed one owns. Can't imagine having a sedate dog after getting used to the hyperactivity of a Westie.


Nightryder said…
I had 2 Westies, and yes they are the cutest dogs in the world! My first one was my baby, I fell in love with it like nothing else ever in my life!! When he was 4yrs old he dug out of the fenced in yard and got hit by a car, killed nearly instantly I"m told. I was at work, my son at home. That nearly killed me, literally , and over 20 yrs later I still miss him like it was yesterday! I did get another one, a few months later and he lived with me from puppyhood till 16 yrs of age, got so old he was deaf and going blind or was, so got me a Sheltie dog this time and a month later had my 2nd Westie put down, he is in my back yard. I could not have another Westie after those two as I love them TOO MUCH, and I know I can not survive losing another one in any manner. They steal my heart totally! I now also have a yellow/white labrador who is companion to my Sheltie and me. Be careful of losing your heart to a Westie!!! I love all dogs, cats and animals of all kinds, but Westies are something SPECIAL!! I hope your ex will have someone to look after her when her Westie is gone someday. Also your dog too, we all need friends when we lose our "hairy friends"! Give them all the love you can now! then no regrets later.

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