Another MP3 download source

Just discovered betterPropaganda, which has a lot of great, decent-quality (128kbps) indie songs for download. Picked up The Streets' "Fit But You Know It", The Shins' "Kissing the Lipless", and !!!'s "Hello? Is This Thing On?", among others. Good stuff.

My favourite music download blogs: Fluxblog | EC Brown | Tofuhut | largeheartedboy


yen said…
Oh! I've been foisting Chutes Too Narrow on everyone at work, but so far I've been alone in my delight in the Shins. So wanted to say, yes it's a good song, isn't it?

(Not that you know me or are from my workplace. Came here through a link on Michelle's blog. Um, hi.)
Daryl said…
Yup, it's a good song and a good album... I for some reason assumed people would know the Shins from Oh, Inverted World, but it turns out no one I know knows the Shins from their left elbow.

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