Stop using the "z" for "s"

Over dinner on Friday, I was informed that Baker's Inn, a Singaporean cafe chain with incredible desserts, has "rebranded" itself into "Bakerzin" (Lord knows why they needed a name change, although the Girlfriend suggests that perhaps their overseas expansion caused some nomenclatural conflict). I really can't stand it when companies use the "z" as a "cool" way of spelling "s". It may be okay for teenage text messaging, but it really looks undignified in a corporate setting. It's the spelling equivalent of a combover: makes you look like you're an old fart trying to act "with it". To quote Bakerzin themselves:
We too feel that the new name has strong brand recognition, is chic and a la mode (Link)
"A la mode"? I know it literally means "in the fashion", but if you're talking about dessert, it means only one thing: with ice cream on top. And I don't want a brand name with ice cream on top. Just give me the (delicious) cheesecake.


dogfather said…
Heidi actually asked the manager at Plaza Sing last week and your girlfriend was right--it's due to their global expansion and apparently Baker's Inn had already been corralled by someone else. Still, I hate the new name too. It reminds me of a raisin, for some reason.

Anyway, keep writing; your blog is ever so interesting. maybe more pictures!
Daryl said…
Thanks for clearing that up! Yeah, I know, I should use more pictures, but I'm trying to strike a fine balance in terms of loading time... and I'm lazy :)

Bakerzin sounds like it could be the last name of a new French football star... and Henry has the ball... flicks off to Trezeguet who dishes off a long cross... BAKERZIN with the header!!! Of course, it'd be pronounced [BAH-ker-zahn] or something like that...
Jon said…
Shouldn't the person really have used "en vogue" if they wanted the French sex appeal?

Bakers(z)in is getting away from their Les Amis roots I see.
dogfather said…
haha...that's really're right...he would fit right in at the Arsenal.

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