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On Saturday night, knackered after a long day at work, I watched the kitschfest that is the Eurovision Song Contest... I remember all the jokes about the contest when I was in the UK, and I remember the Diva International single after the year she won, but I've never seen the entire contest. What a cornucopia of cornball pop! To give a flavour of things, Switzerland's entry was called Vanilla Ninja. Logically enough, Vanilla Ninja are a pop-rock all female band. And Latvia's entry was a pair of blond boys singing a cheeseball composition called "The War is Not Over". Meanwhile, Norway had a hair band with a guy wearing too much lipstick, like the Darkness without the irony. Or the musical skills. Faerielicious has her own responses to every band, plus a summary of the results.

It's funny how in the end the voting was often largely political: people from the ex-Yugoslavian republics all voted for each other (and there I was thinking that there were residual issues within the Balkans), the Scandinavian countries favoured each other, and everyone beat on the four big countries (bottom 4: Spain, the UK, France, and Germany). And Greece, champions of Europe in football, were crowned champions in Eurovision. Throw in the Olympics and it's been a good 2 years for them.


Anonymous said…
I was in the UK at the time. I voted for Serbia! - and was thoroughly disappointed that Ukraine didn't get more support... but my favourite performance of the night had to be the Croatian one - "Wolves Die Alone", with each line a metaphor that was totally unrelated to the one that came before. True class.
Daryl said…
Heh. A lot of the lyrics were seriously cringe-inducing. I thought Malta had the best raw talent.

Oh, there's a Eurovision blog
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link back ;)

Wasn't it such awesome fun? Really, I was most impressed by the drums... what a un-chic person must I be to no have noticed that before? *sighs* I will immediately go over my playlists and remove everything without serious drummng-stuff in.
Daryl said…
I liked the Ukrainian boxers. So stern they were funny. "The voting is over." "You cannot vote."
Anonymous said…
Hi, a new version from "l'oiseau et l'enfant" (eurovision 1977) is available now in french and english version and you can listen it diectly on this link :
have a nice day everybody... :)
EestiKurt said…
Well my favs are Vanilla Ninja.

They are really nice girls from Estonia. They are really lovely.

And they can sing.

Besides is there any Vanilla Ninja Fan out there in this community?

Please look at my forum / fanclub

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