Setlist for the Hideout gig

Here's the setlist for last Wednesday's Hideout gig - nothing too out of the ordinary, but lots of fun. Was pleasantly surprised by the reception that the Joe Strummer version of "Redemption Song" received.

That's me as a ghost DJ...


Anonymous said…
Hey Daryl

When are you going to be spinning at Hideout again?
Anonymous said…
Been snooping around this blog for awhile. I have to say this - KICK ASS SET LIST :)
thetick said…
dood you interested in sharing a night at hideout? it sure would sound like a fun time :)
Daryl said…
Mel - dunno :)

Randy - thanks!

Jon - sure, just e-mail me (address in the sidebar) and we can discuss.
ivan said…
interesting set list, looks real good... must go and pong chang and listen sometime.

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