Monday, 9 May 2005

Hokkien blog

Perhaps of interest only to the minority reading from Singapore: here's Wa Si Hokkien Lang, an entire blog written in Hokkien. Sample entry:

Limpeh jin tulan. Offit lai sar eh new worker. Ko si university graduate ler! Niameh. Pik giap liao First Class Honours! Tapi kio yi zhor kang, yi lang simik lan ciao mah beh hiao. Nabeh. Jip pai eh hao seh kia sa ma eh hiao thak chek beh hiao zhor kang ah?

Kio yi Format Computer yi mah complain. Kio yi Install Software yi mah complain. Kio yi Install Hardware yi mah complain. Aih. Kio yi ki si hor lah. (Link)

For some reason reading about someone griping about a new worker in Hokkien is highly entertaining... hey, we've all worked with the "long zhong ah si beh hiao, ta pai complain, gia lui mai zhor kang" types...

hokkienlang is m'sian I think. He emailed me before when I blogrolled him under Singapore blogs, explaining that he's actually m'sian.

Oh, I wasn't sure of his nationality, although clearly he's from the region - that's why I phrased it to say that it would be interesting for Singaporeans...

A Hokkien blog! Now I've seen everything... :p

good find!

aha! a blog that can't be deciphered by Babelfish...yet...

Wah Piang Eh Daryl. This post is soooo hilarious! hahaha... good one! = )

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