The Hideout gig

Me on the decks

Good fun last night DJing. Absolutely knackered, so can't say much. But thanks to all those who showed, it was slamming. Mr Brown has his take on what went down. I'll post a set list soon.


fey said…
Hi Daryl, how was the setup at Hideout? I might be spinning for the Bedroom Sessions this month, or the next. How's the feedback like? Any delay? Also, forgot which mixer they have. Is it the Pioneer 600 or a Behringer?
knackered... Great word. I can get abit of a handle based on context, but can you give a definition, please?
Daryl said…
gaston - will respond via e-mail.

eric - knackered: tired - British slang guide. The knacker's the guy who kills horses. They shoot horses, don't they?
fey said…
Hey daryl, got your email. Something's wrong with the mail so I'll thank you here :)

Went back down to Hideout for a friend's birthday today, talk about pushing the damn table! (I just did it, nearly causing a pint of beer to spill on to the decks! :P

Anyway thanks for the feedback, sounds like a great set you played. Keep it real aight!

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