Paris vs. Paris

The only weird thing about Paris Hilton getting married (ho-hum, another random Hilton life event) is the fact that her fiance, Paris Latsis, has the same first name... so if she takes his last name - they'll have exactly the same name. I always thought going out with someone with the same name as you would be a strange experience. Yeah, that's EXACTLY why I'm not dating Daryl Hannah.

Latsis is a Greek shipping heir, but somehow this marriage seems a step down in glam from Jackie and Onassis...

I suppose to complete the symmetry, they could always host a reception at the Hilton Paris.


Anonymous said…
I hate Paris in the spring time
I hate Paris in the fall
I hate Paris in the summer
when it sizzles
I hate Paris in the winter
when it drizzles . . .

I hate Paris every moment
Every moment of the year
I hate Paris,
Why oh why do I hate Paris?
Because ...
*snip* (censored)

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