Bad Godesberg

Godesberg castle

Bad Godesberg is supposedly a nice residential part of Bonn, although it didn't strike me as necessarily being nicer than the Altstadt. Since I walked around the area on Sunday in Germany, everything was closed: it was like a neutron bomb had hit the town. Walked down the shopping streets of Alte Bahnhofstrasse and Theaterplatz, and about the most exciting thing was a dog furiously trying to drink from a fountain, and constantly getting spritzed for his efforts.

One thing the otherwise helpful tourist guide to Bonn doesn't tell you is that Godesburg, the castle that defines the neighbourhood (pictured above), is built on quite a high little hill - wasn't expecting such a hike to get to the top! But the view from the top is great. You can see the Siebengebirge - seven hills - of Siegburg in the distance, and looking down on any city is always some sort of thrill. What's with the whole "seven hills" thing? Just because Rome was built on seven hills doesn't mean everyone needs to claim some kindred connection to a mythical number... even Somerville back in good ol' Massachusetts played up its seven hills.

Photos of Bad Godesberg


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