Review: Splendid Float

Just wrote a review of a film from the Singapore Film Festival, Splendid Float aka Yan Guang Si She Gewutuan (can't seem to get the Chinese characters to appear).
Splendid Float, Zero Chou’s first film, depicts the life of a group of Taiwanese tranvestites in a travelling cabaret show. Roy (James Chen), dances and sings in drag (as “Rose”) in the show at night, while spending his day as a Taoist priest conducting funeral rites. It’s a clear dichotomy: his vie en Rose is filled with energy, while his life in the day, as a man, holds nothing but death.

(Read more on Delta Sierra Arts)
The jokes in Taiwanese in the film really didn't translate if you don't know Taiwanese, Hokkien, or a similar dialect... just the random nonce phrases they used for mike check were funny, but the American couple to my right seemed bemused by the laughter.


Unknown said…
Did you watch it at Filmfest? I did and i rather like it for its poignancy.
Daryl said…
Yup, watched it at the film fest. Great stuff, albeit could have come more fully fleshed out.

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