Wednesday, 25 May 2005

Blitzkrieg Bop: A Sunday in Bonn

Bonn Rathaus

Since Saturday was a full working day, I had only one free weekend day, Sunday (22 May), and I used the short time to do the blitzkrieg tour that solo travel writers with deadlines to meet get used to doing: Beethoven's house, das Kunstmuseum (modern art), die Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublick Deutschland (art/exhibitions hall - the name's so wordy even the museum's site has an abbreviated URL), das Haus der Geschichte der BRD (history of the Federal Republic of Germany - another mouthful of a name), das Museum Alexander Koenig (natural history), and the little castle of Godesburg and the surrounding neighbourhood of Bad Godesburg.

The picture shows the Rathaus (i.e. the council house, not a place where the Pied Piper of Hamelin hangs out) in the centre of Bonn.

It wasn't the best timing for being here in terms of events- just missed the huge Tutankhamen exhibition that had ended on 1 May, the "Rhine on Fire" spectacle (link's in German), and I understand the German Formula 1 championships at Nurburgring are coming up soon. But Bonn's got a wonderful selection of museums, I must say.

Photos of Bonn


just wondering how was the Beethoven museum?

am thinking of going to Germany soon, but i have no absolute idea what is holding me back.

The Beethoven museum was interesting... a small place, but full of interesting things. Admittedly my knowledge of classical music is subpar, so there's probably a lot more an aficionado can appreciate. I liked how the mundane mixed with the sublime: on the one hand, you have his great works in his original handwriting, and his instruments. On the other, you have his grocery shopping lists and his hearing aids.

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