Last night a DJ saved my life

DJing 26 May

Yes, I was the DJ last night at Hideout. An "eclectic" set, with some entries from Modest Mouse, Ryan Adams, the Flaming Lips, and an excursion into beach house. Apologies for the tech issues, which affected the dynamics / volume of the whole thing, but I hope whoever was there had a good time. Here's the set list.

As for why fellow bloggers brown and Miyagi weren't DJing, it wasn't a case of deck-hogging, I swear - the fact is, many MP3s aren't encoded in a way that allows them to be played out loud, so when they plugged in the iPods, clearly the bass was quite off (happened to me with a CD recording of the Pixies' "Gigantic"). That's one thing to note before you go DJing with MP3 players.

As the immortal Public Enemy question asks: "Bass! How low can you go?"


Daryl said…
Thanks mercermachine!
Anonymous said…
Hey Daryl

Let me know when you're spinning next. My friends and I want to go down!
Daryl said…
Yeah, this was very sudden - thought I was DJing for a private party, but they cancelled, so I had the space. Will definitely tell you all when I do a more planned out set. :)

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