Trojan pandas

Ray Baumgardner has a funny theory about China's gift of pandas to Taiwan:
China makes noises like they want to invade Taiwan and then they offer them a pair of pandas. It doesn't make sense. Unless...these pandas aren't really pandas at all. They are Trojan Pandas.


Gifts my ass. These pandas are communist spies. Their evil communist overlords have probably developed high tech listening devices in panda suppository form. Cute little Ling-Ling is a 21st century Mata Hari. When she has a baby panda, the Chinese always make us give the baby back. The commies know that if that panda grows up in a free country it will naturally turn on its parents, become a double agent, and blow the lid off their whole spy ring. They need that baby panda back so they can train it to spy on another country.
I love the idea of a Trojan Panda. Those black masks they wear - they don't fool anyone.

Cue excuse to put up adorable picture of baby panda:

The BBC on panda diplomacy.

More baby panda photos.


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