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Am blogging from bonny Bonn, in eine Cybercafe - quite cheap really, 1 Euro pro Stunde... (which is to say, my German, I've discovered, is actually not so bad). These German keyboards kill me though, with all the punctuation nowhere near where you'd expect and the 'y' and 'z' keys swapped. Also interesting is that Blogger itself changes all its tabs based on the country you're in - so "Settings" becomes "Einstellungen"... that seems weird, it might make it harder to blog about travelling.

Otherwise, had a big hearty lunch, and have explored this tiny little town - details to follow.


Anonymous said…
Hi Daryl!

You will like Bonn. It may not be a metropolis, but there is a reason why it ranks high on the Subjective Quality of Living index. It's just laid back in a Rhinelandish way, surrounded by beautiful landscape, and has above-average eating and cultural perks due to its stretch as the capital of Germany.

Anonymous said…
Things to do in Bonn:

1) Walk along the Rhine.
2) Try any of the following pastries:
- Nussecken
- Berliner
- Bonner
- Amerikaner
- Puddingplunder
- Herrentorte
3) Try eating Rosinenbroetchen with cheese.
4) Walk along Poppelsdorfer Allee.
5) For movie showings, try
or else
6) If you are new to Germany, and want to get into newspapers, here's the selection:
- F.A.Z.
- Sueddeutsche Zeitung
- Frankfurter Rundschau
- anything else
7) The best beer in the World is Sion Koelsch (vom Fass of course).
Daryl said…
Thanks for the advice! Followed some of it, although sadly I never did eat all that pastry. Walking along the Rhein and also down Poppelsdorfer Allee were both really nice...

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