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On Saturday night, knackered after a long day at work, I watched the kitschfest that is the Eurovision Song Contest... I remember all the jokes about the contest when I was in the UK, and I remember the Diva International single after the year she won, but I've never seen the entire contest. What a cornucopia of cornball pop! To give a flavour of things, Switzerland's entry was called Vanilla Ninja. Logically enough, Vanilla Ninja are a pop-rock all female band. And Latvia's entry was a pair of blond boys singing a cheeseball composition called "The War is Not Over". Meanwhile, Norway had a hair band with a guy wearing too much lipstick, like the Darkness without the irony. Or the musical skills. Faerielicious has her own responses to every band, plus a summary of the results.

It's funny how in the end the voting was often largely political: people from the ex-Yugoslavian republics all voted for each other (and there I was thinking that there were residual issues within the Balkans), the Scandinavian countries favoured each other, and everyone beat on the four big countries (bottom 4: Spain, the UK, France, and Germany). And Greece, champions of Europe in football, were crowned champions in Eurovision. Throw in the Olympics and it's been a good 2 years for them.


Anonymous said…
I was in the UK at the time. I voted for Serbia! - and was thoroughly disappointed that Ukraine didn't get more support... but my favourite performance of the night had to be the Croatian one - "Wolves Die Alone", with each line a metaphor that was totally unrelated to the one that came before. True class.
Daryl said…
Heh. A lot of the lyrics were seriously cringe-inducing. I thought Malta had the best raw talent.

Oh, there's a Eurovision blog
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the link back ;)

Wasn't it such awesome fun? Really, I was most impressed by the drums... what a un-chic person must I be to no have noticed that before? *sighs* I will immediately go over my playlists and remove everything without serious drummng-stuff in.
Daryl said…
I liked the Ukrainian boxers. So stern they were funny. "The voting is over." "You cannot vote."
Anonymous said…
Hi, a new version from "l'oiseau et l'enfant" (eurovision 1977) is available now in french and english version and you can listen it diectly on this link :
have a nice day everybody... :)

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