Sign O' The Times

An amusing sign from Amsterdam from Indrani's Flickr collection of photos of signs. I think it means "if you spot a paedophile in a hat abducting a little girl, you should drop a large object such as a bicycle on him".

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Anonymous said…
Oh, is that what it means? I always thought it meant you can run over parents & children with your bike. At least that is what I do every time.
Greetings from A'dam.
Ana-chan said…
Was just browsing thru the bloggies...
that entry is hillareous!
I'd interpret it rather:
if ur holding hands with a dwarf (for whatever reason) u may as well use the bike so both of u are levelled
Anonymous said…
i think that sign is for cars to be careful of cycles and pedestrians. maybe found around a mixed access area, the sort at the heart of old european towns. think of cobblestone squares or streets without a proper pavement.
what's with you and the signs lately, buddy?

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