A couple of months ago I discovered Chippy's, a fish-and-chips takeaway (literally - there are only a couple of seats) in the basement of Far East Plaza. I have un certain weakness for British takeaway food, and $4.45 got me a huge bag of beer-battered fish, complete with salt and vinegar. Instead of the usual 2 large fillets though, this place gave out smaller chunks and skewers to hold them with - great for eating on the move, and great for batter lovers. Very filling, although the texture of the fish was admittedly a bit too powdery for my liking.

I was also taken by the fact that while there are a few decent places to get fish and chips in Singapore (I especially like the one at Molly Malone's), this place also had that other takeaway staple, the fried Mars bar. Once my arteries unclog themselves I'll go try it.


Anonymous said…
One area I found recently that is a haven for lovers of fish and chips is the central and southern Oregon coast, including towns such as Yachats and Port Orford. The fish they use out there is a lot different from the fish used to make fish and chips on the East Coast, and in my opinion, was much better than nearly anything I have had in New England or New York.
Anonymous said…
Try the fish & chips at Mad Flemmings along Boat Quay. Excellent.
Anonymous said…
oh boy, memories of english chippers. i miss the seashell at lisson grove in london. the haddock and oh, the mashed peas. good stuff.
Anonymous said…
Fish and chips at Fish & Co. are much nicer, don't have an ammonia taste like its gone bad (which this place offers). Wasted my money because I couldn't eat the rest of it and threw it away. Yucks. Their curry chicken taste burnt and was tough too, chicken next door to them was nicer. I've tasted better calamari at other places, not all stringy and limp. The sausages are too oily and salty. In fact, almost all their food items are way too oily and salty. Mars bar not as good as you would think. Not impressive at all, just a novelty item. Really fattening and you wouldn't want to order it again because of the fat content. Environment wise the queue was way too messy and not worth the time. Music was too loud and the whole place smelled like deep fried food. Miserable sitting compared to some of the other places in the same area. Definitely not a place to visit again. Much more worth your money to go someplace else!

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