Linksfest: Your looks are laughable


T-Boy said…
Re Link #3: Damn, that's depressing.
Agagooga said…
But don't most guys get turned on by 2 women getting it on?
T-Boy said…
Well, consider that, and this: 1) Just because they're getting it on doesn't mean that they'll get it on with you, 2) The article seems to imply that men are a lot more stuck in their sexual preferences than women are, and 3) The fundamental issue is, really, straight men need women, and straight women don't need men.

That's why it's depressing You want to be reminded that you're essentially a sexual cripple because of your gender? I don't.

And yeah, the article seems laughably shallow and there are plenty of things you can find wrong about it, and I'm over-reacting, but it's a neurose, and yes, I'm aware of it, and yes, I'm trying not too think about it too hard, because if I do I'll either want to cry or smash things.

And yeah, Hani found it amusing and swears that I was a woman in a past life, because I'm blubbering over not being invited into (apparently) the Giant Lesbian Orgy that is womankind.

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