Shaq nabs assault suspect

Shaq the policeman

Wow - Shaq's in police training? Seeing Shaq chase after you on the street might be pretty scary.
Miami Heat giant centre Shaquille O'Neal put his police training to good use when he helped nab a suspect who allegedly assaulted a gay couple.

O'Neal, who is working towards a career as a policeman once his basketball playing days are over, witnessed a man yell anti-gay remarks and throw a bottle at a couple walking along a Miami beach early Sunday morning, Miami police said.

O'Neal followed the suspect's vehicle and alerted a police officer who made an arrest, the Miami Herald reported.



Indri said…
Go Shaq!

Although I imagine he might have a rough time as a cop, being famous and all. He won't be going undercover. Although... I bet he could catch bad guys when they stop running to ask for his autograph.
cole. said…
i'd much rather shaq shoot me with a gun than beat me up.

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