Man still superior to machine at bowling

I come from a family of avid bowlers - I even have my own ball, a random present given to me on a whim. Haven't bowled much since I broke my hand a couple of years back (was happy to even hit 3 digits a couple of weeks back), but I still find bowling news fairly interesting, especially when it marries bowling and tech geekery:
Defending Masters champion and one of the top professional bowlers in the world Danny Wiseman of Baltimore defeated "Harry" the ball-thrower in a race to five strikes at the United States Bowling Congress Research and Testing Facility on Tuesday.

While "Harry" was far from perfect, Wiseman was right on target, striking on his first five shots. "Harry" only managed one strike in five attempts. (
Sadly, I'm guessing that the odd competition is because "Harry" can only throw strikes - it doesn't seem to have the capability of converting spares. But hey, it's not like Deep Blue's any use at hitting the pocket. Y'know, with its lack of arms and all that.


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