North Korea gets credit

The North Koreans introduce a credit card. Although deciphering the description of the card on the official North Korean news site. it sounds more like a debit card:
"Six kinds of currencies can be deposited in a card at a time. With this card, one can exchange money instantly without going to a money exchange booth. A card can be shared by several persons... The bank enjoys popularity among depositors."
"The North Korean Credit Card: Don't Leave the Country Without It. Actually, Don't Leave the Country, Full Stop."


Also from the North Korean news site, apparently we've all missed the epic artistic masterpiece "Arirang":
"The grand mass gymnastic and artistic performance "Arirang" is a work in which the mass gymnastic display and art performance are well combined with the help of peculiar technical depiction means. It highlights itself as a masterpiece as it has reached a new stage for the cultural and artistic development of humankind"
Peculiar technical depiction indeed.


Anonymous said…
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