Tuesday, 20 September 2005

Linksfest: Can I Get A.....?

Amy Crehore - Havana Brown

  • Jay-Z and Beyonce caught in flagrante delicto. Possibly offensive. (Via City Rag)
  • On P Diddy losing the P in his monicker: "Does the press--your Kurt Loders, your Billy Bushes--go along with the Puffy/(P) Diddy fiction because they don't know the cultural nuances, or because it allows them to exploit our racist fascination with the crazy customs of these exotic black people? And if it's the last of these, should Sean Combs be condemned as an enabler of racism, or should he be celebrated as a 21st century trickster, someone who uses the machinery of caucasian hegemony to make fools of the white folk?"
  • On the death of Jane magazine - I didn't know how significant a life force Sassy magazine once was.
  • And finally, the pic up there is of Amy Crehore's "Havana Brown". I like her style - very distinctive (I remember this Jewel-Alanis illustration from Rolling Stone, for instance).

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Looks like your first link is wrong in this post. I clicked it and went to an article called, "Using grease as clean fuel helps area residents, city beat gas prices".

Oops, I meant the second link. Sorry, I just automatically skim over any links that mention Jay-Z. ;)

Oops - that was some other article I was reading. Fixed - thanks Anthony.

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