Wow, the first weekend in a while in which I wasn't working. So I did guy-style shopping. Which is to say, I knew what I wanted to get and went to the stores and got them. Among the items purchased:
  1. Tiffany sterling silver cufflinks. Because sometimes one feels extravagant.
  2. Tailor-made CYC shirt. Because I needed somewhere to put the cufflinks. (Shirts with french cuffs aren't easy to find, and those that one can find often cost the same as getting them tailored.)
  3. Aussino bedsheets. Got hooked on the 370 threadcount of a set I'd bought previously, bought another set. I think threadcount is great - it allows some way of saying "this is a more comfortable set of sheets" without, you know, like, talking about feelings and stuff. Heh.
  4. Fossil Frank Gehry watch. Scratched up my current watch quite badly, needed a new one, and I'm a sucker for quality design.
Ah, the luxe life. Well, I guess I haven't done much for myself lately, so there we go. You know, I've come to the conclusion that not owning a car and not even aiming to own one frees one up for other nice things.

I also looked for but didn't find quality art / film posters to put on the wall - I wanted to get something abstract, or a poster of Manhattan, Annie Hall, or High Fidelity. Any ideas, Singaporean readers?


Anonymous said…
You can actually get some great quality posters & prints like the ones you mentioned, online from

They even do framing as well.
Caleb Liu said…
I suggest getting that famous scene of Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan. Especially since you love NY so much
adinahaes said…
you're probably right about the car bit. this is especially so when one gets to "own" it only for 10 years.
Daryl said…
alex and caleb - thanks, but I'm not sure about how the posters would survive the shipping here. And I don't want prints, or reprints: I want original movie posters or original art, which will be a bit harder I think. So I guess I'll have to keep looking!

adina - I really have no love for cars in general, regardless of ownership period.

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