Michael Jackson, He-Man

This bit on Michael Jackson (in what I'm guessing was the Page Six section of the NY Post) is funny:
Michael Jackson is undergoing a major change in his appearance as he hides away in Bahrain and tries to re-launch his career. Jackson, who is now 47, is working on a more masculine appearance and has begun a regimen of working out, wearing shorter wigs and using less make-up.

(Link from IDontLikeYouInThatWay.com - caution, the site uses a background of what seems to be Angelina Jolie in a bra, which may not cast you in a particularly impressive light when your boss walks by)
Ah, Michael Jackson, beefcake. Right. I like how his change isn't actually doing away with wigs and makeup altogether, but using shorter wigs and less makeup.


Ahmad said…
He wears wigs though?

As much as the thought of a macho Michael Jackson amuses me, the thought of a bald MJ disturbs me.
Daryl said…
Heh. I hadn't even thought of him as balding! Creepy.

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