Katong Shophouse

Katong shophouse

Sometimes it's hard to get the right angle for a picture - this one was taken from the upper deck of a double-decker bus.


Daryl said…
Thanks babe!

(Hey - I'm on LJ too)
T-Boy said…
Ohhh, very nice.

And on LJ, are you?
Anonymous said…
thats somewhere in katong/joo chiat right?

god i miss the food in singapore.
elyrie said…
yikes, why is it looking so derelict? you would think that they would do a better job of restoration. esp in this area.
adinahaes said…
was it bus 10, 12 or 14? =)

i think i recognize the place and thus the routes.
Daryl said…
t-boy - thanks

faith - yes, katong - east coast road

elyrie - well, it's for lease, so one hopes whoever is next will spruce it up

adinahaes - the 12 :)

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