Wednesday, 7 September 2005

Fashion photography

The Village Voice's "three young indie designers to check out now" story highlighted Rebecca Turbow's Safe Clothes line, which I thought had an oddly interesting sterile-bordering-on-creepy look.

Meanwhile, Vogue had a feature story on Alice in Wonderland, including these really interesting shots by Annie Leibovitz of various designers' take on Alice. Of course, the model they used (Natalia Vodianova) is 21 years old, which is much less creepy than Charles Dodgson taking photos of Alice Liddell.

Natalia Vodianova is damn hot nowadays. This month's Marie Claire (USA) featured her as one of the new beauties of the fashion world, and how perception of beauty has changed over the past decade (v.g. article, I say!) She's got rather unique features as compared to the supermodels in the 80s who look almost all like carbon copies of one another. Ok I'm rambling. I just think she's really cute with that Lolita look. Cheers!

You think Natalia V has a Lolita look? I think she does have unique features, but I'm not sure that's how I'd describe them.

Yeah, her high foreheade, huge eyes and pixie face make her look almost childlike, no?

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