Best Singapore Blog

By the way, in the interests of keeping a manageable sidebar while still giving a shout-out to the various blogs I read, I created an extended blogroll.

Meanwhile Simon World has nominations up for Best Singapore Blog - some of those nominated in the comments were new to me, and were quite interesting, including A Gonzo Journal and myrick, who had this funny post on the stupidity of the Australian who (allegedly) smuggled drugs into Bali. What, noone nominated dickchan?

So it's perhaps time to add to the extended blogroll. I've also concluded that I'm not with the programme, since I seem to be the only Singapore blogger not to have any opinion on the relative quality of the pop stylings of the various Singapore Idol participants.


Simon said…
Daryl, you should go and nominated that blog yourself. And nominate yours while you're at it.
Daryl said…
Thanks Simon, I'm flattered, but there's no way I'm nominating myself. My ego has limits.

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