What I'm flipping through

Just re-reading an old article on the firing of Gregg Easterbrook for what he wrote in his blog... also Trent Reznor helps solve his fans' math problems... stumbled onto the blog of a 91-year-old man who loves growing tomatoes, showing that bloggers really do cover every wavelength on the spectrum of interests... Chinese American Princess, appealingly designed, plus it informed me of ChickenBiscuit.com, and chickens clucking crack me up without fail.

Singapore 3 Cambodia 0. Yay.


Indri said…
I went and looked at the tomato granddad. He is so sweet! I'm tempted to send him some of the flower photos I took at the Conservatory of Flowers in Chicago...I'm completely embarrassed by my girly-ness in taking them, but I bet he'd like one, and that would make it okay.

The chicken one was just weird though. I kept waiting for something to happen, a la disco squirrels, but no such luck.

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