Dining alone

Table for One

Had dinner by myself at Prima Taste on Saturday (crispy chicken rice - decent but a bit soggy for my liking). I suppose there are always those who eat alone and rush off, like salarymen at the noodle house (images of Tampopo come to mind), but I find that there's a certain pleasure to be had sitting down in a restaurant with a good book and just myself for company. I suppose it's a thing I picked up from my travel writing days, when there was little chance I'd know anybody in the town I was in to have dinner with anyway.

My favourite burger place ever, Bartley's, had a long centre table for solo diners. Solitary, and yet communal. I like the idea of catering to those who eat alone.


Anonymous said…
hi, came by from cowboycaleb's. i personally find it hard to eat alone. i guess that if there are other places that cater to solo eaters, it would take a bit of that fear away.

Anonymous said…
hey man, eating alone rocks! after all, what can be better than eating with someone you love?
Daryl said…
Clearly a variant of Woody Allen's joke about masturbation :)

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