Songs I learnt to play over the weekend

Some noodling on my guitar this weekend, as I figured out (mostly) how to play Franz Ferdinand's "Dark of the Matinee" and Green Day's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" (ah, 4 chords and the truth).

As film festival denizens will know, there's a great CD sale going on at Shaw Tower - the one with Prince and Jade cinemas. Apparently Gramophone bought over the stock of some firm that was closing, or so someone I overheard was saying. Picked up copies of albums by the Inmates, Bob Dylan, the Bad Plus, and 50 Cent. Woo!


thetick said…
my girlfriend picked up brendan benson and buck 65. damn no time to check that sale out! cheers for the mention on colplay :)
Daryl said…
No worries, mate. If you can make time, it's really worth checking out. Although crate digging isn't as fun when you're just rifling through CDs as opposed to the nice substantial feel of records.
Ahmad said…
What kind of prices are we talking about?
Daryl said…
$9.90 a CD, which isn't THAT cheap, I know. But it's still good.

A good Emmylou Harris selection that I had to restrain myself from buying.

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