DJing on Wednesday


I've got another indie rock DJing gig coming up at Hideout, 31B Circular Road, this Wednesday 31 August - I should materialise around 9.30pm and spin all the way till whenever the night eases out. If you want some idea of the kind of music I'll be playing, here's a set list of an earlier gig.

So, to summarise:
Who: Slapdash (aka me)
What: Indie rock music
Where: Hideout, 31B Circular Road
When: Wed, 31 August, 9.30pm till late
See you all there! Early song requests can be filed in the comments. No guarantees of playing them though!


Anonymous said…
I was only there for an hour but it was a great set! Will you be putting up the playlist?
Daryl said…
Thanks for the wishes Kanetha!

And thanks anon - will put up a setlist once I have time.
Anonymous said…
Could you play, Far Far Away?

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