National Day

It's a lazy National Day, with the country hitting middle age at 40. Funny in a way that my parents are older than my country.

Anyway, since today's a lazy little Tuesday and I'm spending it organising my new rooms, I thought I'd put up a picture of the world's other cutest dog, the family dog Rerun, enjoying the new house.

Rerun the Cairn terrier

Rerun's a Cairn terrier, one of the few in Singapore. Like Coconut, he has a Dogster page. And, since everyone asks, he was named for the younger brother of Lucy and Linus in Peanuts. Ah, the Van Pelts.


Anonymous said…
woof! rerun's a handsome fellow. and coconut's just dreamy. lucky dogs, they are.
Daryl said…
Thanks pekoe!

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