Old time snacky goodness

Since moving has put me in a nostalgic mood, here's something for those who grew up in Singapore and Malaysia in the 1980s to wax lyrical about:

Kaka chicken snack

(Via the Kinos Food Industries site.)

Do they sell Kaka anymore? I mean, the company has a website, but I haven't seen it in stalls of late. Of course, "kaka" is also American slang for "poop" so I'm guessing the brand had limits to its expansion capabilities.

Next up: Chickadees!


Anonymous said…
Hey Daryl, fellow slave and JC alum over here.

Just a heads up, you can still get Kaka at a few neighbourhood shops in older estates. I know for sure that there's one auntie in Clementi that still sells it. My wife insists on buying it.

Upon eating it however, I suppose it was better if I had just kept it as a good memory of childhood. It's quite salty, and yet bland at the same time....


Thanks for the pic though.
mis_nomer said…
I agree! I had it again a few years ago and thereafter resolved to keep it as a happy memory in my head.
Anonymous said…
hahahahahahahaha!!!! the packaging brings up a lot of memories!!!

Anonymous said…
anyone remember this really hot corn snack in a silver packet? i think it was called UFO and it had flaming ufo's on the front. i loved that one but can't find it anymore. Pacman was good too. damn salty!

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