Monday, 29 August 2005

DJing on Wednesday


I've got another indie rock DJing gig coming up at Hideout, 31B Circular Road, this Wednesday 31 August - I should materialise around 9.30pm and spin all the way till whenever the night eases out. If you want some idea of the kind of music I'll be playing, here's a set list of an earlier gig.

So, to summarise:
Who: Slapdash (aka me)
What: Indie rock music
Where: Hideout, 31B Circular Road
When: Wed, 31 August, 9.30pm till late
See you all there! Early song requests can be filed in the comments. No guarantees of playing them though!

Good Luck at the gig! Or did it already happen? Hey, It's currently 11:21 am here.

Oh, okay, so it is twelve hours difference so that means you're DJing right now! I hope you're playing something good.

I was only there for an hour but it was a great set! Will you be putting up the playlist?

Thanks for the wishes Kanetha!

And thanks anon - will put up a setlist once I have time.

Could you play, Far Far Away?

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