Thursday, 11 August 2005

So much to say

The nonquantum blog Schrodinger's Cat is Dead lists words to use more often, including "quiddity" and "propinquity", two of my favourites. I used to have one of these lists back in JC/high school, just words that tripped trippingly off the tongue. My own current list of words that I should employ more often seems to have lots of in- words: incarnadine; inchoate; iniquity.

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When would one say incarnadine (apart from quoting Macbeth)? Does it pick out a particular shade of red that is not picked out by other terms for red? It is fun to say though.

I suppose, given the plethora of names for shades of red that makeup companies seem to be require, you could use it as yet another colour name. "Do you have vermillion?" "No, but how about incarnadine?"

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Well, if you became a Catholic priest, I do believe you would have to say 'iniquity' every day.

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