Linksfest: Every which way but loose

I should say this about last week's National Day Parade: I was involved in the parade three years back, in 2002, in a fun job - I was attached to Mediacorp for part of my National Service, and helped do comms. So it was nice to see the credits for the parade roll and some familiar names roll by - a big hi to Omar Palil.

With that out of the way, here's a grab-bag of stuff I've chanced across this week:


Anonymous said…
With regards to the car alarm rage information, I would like inform you in writing that you had certainly put some ideas into my head......

PS: I would never had the courage to post a comment here. Bacause you are like a serious linguist while I am still struggling with my Primary English.... So dun attempt to correct my grammar and crush my self esteem at the same time ok?
Daryl said…
Your grammar seems perfectly fine... and I'm hardly the schoolmarmish sort with my visitors - I'm really glad to have anyone who comments! :)

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