Wednesday, 3 August 2005

DJing on Friday, 5 August

Yup, I'm DJing again, this time doing a hip-hop set at Hideout, 31B Circular Road this Friday, 5 August. Jon Fong's opening the night at 9-ish, and I'll come on around 11pm.

Haven't played hip-hop out in a club in AGES. I'll try to blend in some mainstream and some more obscure stuff, maybe slip in a little old school...

For those who've had trouble finding Hideout, it's on the top floor of a shophouse - 2nd floor is a karaoke joint - on Circular Road behind Boat Quay.

I know where that is....nope, I have not been there as a blogger, but as a diver with some friends a long while back.

Maybe I should drop by again soon.


I don't create setlists before gigs... usually see where the music and the crowd take me...

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