Friday, 12 August 2005

Hot sauce (I'm coming)

Stumbled upon the Smoking Tongue, a blog dedicated to reviewing hot sauces. I have fond memories of trying out various ass-kicking hot sauces (in fact, I'm pretty sure one of them had that as its name: Ass Kicking Hot Sauce, complete with a picture of an ornery donkey in mid-kick). - and enough good hot sauce would add a nice fillip to otherwise bland dining-hall food.

about hot sauce and otherwise bland dining-hall food - how true.

Yup... where'd you go to school Pekoe?

went to cornell, school of architecture. ithaca, upstate new york, and not too far from boston. haha.

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Hello everyone. I just wanted to invite you all to visit a new website selling awesome hot sauces, seasonings and lots more. come see us.

thanks, mitch

I am sorry everyone. I am not familiar with this sites posting method. i thought my first attempt had failed, thus the second one. sorry about that.

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