Katrina and the waves

Man, the news about Hurricane Katrina is quite devastating - 80% of New Orleans evacuated. That's the French Quarter above - deserted. Fingers crossed that its slight weakening wil save one of the world's most distinctive cities from being destroyed. Quotes like this are quite scary:

The head of Jefferson Parish, which includes major suburbs and juts all the way to the storm-vulnerable coast, said some residents who stayed would be fortunate to survive.

''I'm expecting that some people who are die-hards will die hard,'' said parish council President Aaron Broussard. (AP report, on the New York Times' web page)

Sometimes we are all pawns to nature.


Anonymous said…
Pretty devastating huh. But hey, the Southerners got who they voted for - global warming Bush!
tscd said…
How do they name hurricanes?
Anonymous said…
About names of hurricanes: I think the answer is on this page
Anonymous said…
Terrible, wonderful, entry title.

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