Google Talk and other IM clients

Yes, I downloaded Google Talk. But since I figured it uses the Jabber protocol anyway, why bother adding yet another messaging client and wondering which one people use? So I'm sticking with Miranda. Here's instructions on how to use Miranda with Google Talk and here's instructions for GAIM/Adium/Trillian users.

And I think all I've just said violates the plain English goal laid out previously. But speaking of Miranda, here's a random list of old school soft drinks: Miranda, Fanta, Green Spot, Kickapoo, Sinalco. Oh, and if you're reading this site from the US: Moxie.

Edit: not like sniffing around the Net wouldn't tell you this, but my Google Talk address is daryl dot sng [at] gmail dot com. And my MSN and Yahoo ones are both dsng [at] yahoo dot com.


Elia Diodati said…
I couldn't figure out how to use it with Miranda. Then again, maybe it's because my workplace is firewalled.
Anonymous said…
Bad, bad memories of Sinalco.
Unknown said…
Old school soft drink Miranda?

Mirinda lah, haha.
Daryl said…
I know, I know. But they sound alike, and that's how my mind plays word games. :)

Plus the only other reference I could bring up was Miranda from the Tempest, and I quote Shakespeare enough as it is.
Anonymous said…
Have you tried using Trillian? I'm currently using it but problems with connectivity to ICQ/MSN makes me want to switch... how does Miranda handle contacts from multiple sources?
Daryl said…
I used to use Trillian, but Miranda was much more elegant. What do you mean by contacts from multiple sources? You can mix and match them in groups.

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