Public art in Singapore

First Generation

Over the last few years I've taken occasional photos of public artwork in Singapore - both permanent pieces and temporary ones. (Pictured here is the excellent First Generation, by Chong Fah Cheong.) So I've created a photo set of those photos - haven't got many in it, admittedly, got to get down to scanning I guess. Any light you can throw on the artworks is welcome.

For a comprehensive database, check out Peter Schoppert's Public Art in Singapore site.


Unknown said…
I like "First Generation" alot. Very carefree and playful. Like last time in kampung, anyhow jump into river to play.
Anonymous said…
I like them all, especially First Generation. They're much better than what we have here in Amsterdam.
Daryl said…
lancerlord - it is, isn't it?

beba - I'm sure there's great public art in Amsterdam
Anonymous said…
Mmh, I'm not so sure. But then again, I'm probably a bit spoilt, having grown up in Italy. ;-)
Great blog, BTW.
Daryl said…
bebamanno - thanks!

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