Germany, overall

Now that I'm back in Singapore, this is the last post I'll do about Germany for a while... as you might have noticed, photos of my journey are up, and I've written quick thoughts on two museums, the Ludwig in Cologne and the Kunstmuseum in Bonn, in Delta Sierra Arts, my reviews blog. And one last thing, here's something I picked up at a German petrol station, a snack with a funny name:

Mini Dickmann's

Edit: for a reverse perspective, here's a German blogging about Singapur... includes a review of Paulaner Brauhaus.


Anonymous said…

Damn you, you make me miss all the awesome sweets I can't get over here. (Have you tried to put them in the micro for a few seconds? Hmmmmmm.)
Indri said…
I was going to GET some of those! What's inside? Marshmallows? Damn!
Daryl said…
I see people really like Mini Dickmann's! I didn't try the microwave thing, dang!
Anonymous said…
Am I the only one who finds the product name and photo very iffy....?
Daryl said…
No you're not Karen, that's why I posted it in the first place. :)
Anonymous said…
to make the thing worst, they are or they were called Nigerkusse (Black's kiss) in latin- america would be (besos de negra). They are imposible from whereever you look at them.
But then again in Germany politicaly correct doesn't mean anything.
…and they taste good and come in three styles some covered with white, dark, and milk chocolate.
I can live with the sexy, but not with the other.
Anonymous said…
these used to be called and sold as: "Negerk├╝sse". none of this "Schokok├╝sse" PC business, they were called "Negro kisses" for ages. can't find images of that anywhere online.

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