The arresting image

Nan Goldin

Arranging my books, I've come to realise how often great, arresting images have compelled me to buy art books or to just stop and ponder. Which is both ordinary, because I do love art, and strange, because paradoxically, I don't think of myself as a person who thinks visually: if I met you and turned around, I doubt I would be able to say what you were wearing. So here's to the work of artists that have intrigued me, including Nan Goldin. (Image from - shows very well the level of intimacy that Goldin can achieve.)


Anonymous said…
that is an amazing, arresting picture. kinda reminds me of patti smith and the movie 'in my father's den'.

and i do agree that meeting up with people is more important but it all feels so surreal to me. like i'm not leaving actually. did you feel like that too?
Daryl said…
Yes... and then when you come back for the first holiday it's simultaneously like you'd never left and like the world has turned and left you behind...

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