My CD shelves

CD shelves

One thing about DJing on Wednesday though, it meant I had to pluck out some CDs from the spankin' new CD shelves that I had made, thereby destroying the beautifully alphabetised arrangement. Oh well.

About the CD case - it goes two deep, because at the bottom there are two drawers meant to be big enough to hold LPs. So to maximise space I put albums in front, singles behind. Still, the soundtracks occupy part of another shelf, while personal mix CDs, magazine promo CDs, and dance music compilations go into these two drawers that I had made to place below my DJ equipment. Nifty! If somewhat obsessive.

Bonus points for naming the albums I have based solely on the spines here.


recharging said…
I love being anal about organising stuff! I used to be about my books but the bookshelf is now a wasteland. Need to do somethng about it soon! Very inspired by your CD shelves.
Anonymous said…
thanks. i'm trying to adjust to the fact that i really am in toronto now. it is certaintly a strange feeling and i do miss all my mates back home.

and that is an awesome cd shelf you have, definitely much neater than mine. then again most of my cds are in a cd case. didnt want to risk getting scratches/cracks on the cd case =)
Anonymous said…

where did you buy your cd shelf by the way?

and im probably wrong but i'll take a pot shot that the blue cd 4th row down is probably weezer.
Anonymous said…
oh crap, i just re-read and realised u had them made. oh well.
Daryl said…
Nah, it's alphabetical so Weezer would be on the bottom row. :)

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