Say what?

Artist Ji Lee pasted these blank speech bubbles around New York and took photos of what people wrote in them. I really like the Matthew Barney allusion in this one - says something about the marriage of art and commerce. (Via BoingBoing)


Anonymous said…
The first thing my mind conjured was an association with the cremasteric reflex - so, the marriage of erh male privates *cough* and 'graffiti'?

Hmm, your version is better :)
Daryl said…
Well, "Cremaster" (Matthew Barney's artwork) is named for the cremasteric reflex...
Anonymous said…
Oh right. I couldn't tell from the site at all. But I suppose the link really would be the audience's responses to fear, extremes of emotion, and temperature - depicting the reaction of the cremaster muscle in response to those same stimuli.

(the cremasteric reflex per se is entirely artificial and is used more as a clinical observation for the intergrity of the L1 nerve roots and lumbar spine)

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