Monday, 18 July 2005

A big hello

By the way, thanks to all those who I met at Saturday's bloggercon, 'twas nice to put faces to the blog handles. So, in alphabetical order, a big hello to Amy, Faith, Faith (whose blog seems especially personal so perhaps I won't link), Grace, Sandra, Scarlett, Sheena, Terz, Tym, and Zhiyang. Um, if I missed you out, I do apologise - just leave a comment and I'll get right on it. Thanks for coming to our humble li'l affair. Same time next year?

Incidentally, a potential explanation for fellow panellist Mr Miyagi's lateness can be found in Japan Today:

Miyagi headline

Ah, blood, drowning, and you still managed to show up pristinely dressed. You are indeed a cunning man, Mr Miyagi. Wax on, wax off.

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already tio link by other people

Besides, I'd be honoured to be linked by you...heh It was a pleasure meeting you =)

Thank you for actually recognising me =p Was a little disappointed when u left the panel for mobilisation, so HAD to grab you for a pic when you came back for the after-party ;p and I was gonna tell you who I was when I took a picture with you, then I decided not to act so much like a groupie =)


Is there another faith who refuses to be linkeD? =p

Finally able to put a face to the editors of

Got to know the other side of some of the popular bloggers in Singapore and found out that you guys are friendly and not attention-whoring like what some of them make you people out to be

fayeth - yeah there's another Faith too! :) And I'll never live down the "brainiest scholar" tag. Really good to see you that day though!

chin - thanks! Um, can I just be your friendly neighbourhood attention whore? :)

thanks dude. nice that you thought of that. i guess i'm not prepared for cyberspace to scrutinize me (yet). wait till i get to canada. i won't care cos i'm so far away =)

It was great meeting you too Daryl, thanks for putting in the effort to help organise the Con for all of us!

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