Git yer kit off!

Spencer Tunick continues his public nude art series in Tyneside:
Spencer Tunick, a 38-year-old New York-based artist who creates and documents installations of large numbers of naked people, must be a man of no mean persuasive powers to have convinced 1,700 Tynesiders that getting up in the dark, stripping off and spending the next three hours with a brisk north-eastern wind whipping round their unmentionables was a good idea.
I've been to Newcastle in July. Yeah, it can still get pretty damn cold. But I suppose if you want to contribute to art you have to conquer your fear of shrinkage.


Anonymous said…
A whole bunch of my friends sat for a Tunick session. I would've totally been in it too, but I was out of the country at the time, DARNIT.

Would you?
Agagooga said…
Cold in july? Ain't is Summer?

So when's it hot?
Daryl said…
mich - I think I could take part in a Tunick session, but if I had to be front and centre, that might be a bit unnerving.

agagooga - It's England. Even in summer it can get nippy.
Milani said…
Tunick should come to Singapore and have a posing session. I think most bloggers would have a go at it. For art's sake, right? ; )
Daryl said…
Well, most people should give these kinds of things a go. When else are you going to be part of an art work?

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