Dinner with Tyler Cowen

I recently had dinner with Tyler Cowen of Marginal Revolution, the economics blog that's tucked into my blogroll - he also writes for the Avian Flu blog. Cowen's an economics professor at George Mason University, but was in Singapore to research his upcoming book on American regional food.

So fellow blogger Michelle and I took him out to dinner at Maxwell Road Hawker Centre to experience Singaporean regional cuisine - as you can see, on the table were our finished plates of (clockwise from bottom right) oh luat, chicken rice, Foochow oyster cake, claypot chicken, and XO fish soup (the best thing we had - clearly Michelle was helping herself).

Got to reminisce about college days with Tyler, as well as talk with him about the best churrascuria in the world (somewhere in southern Brazil, apparently), the slow death of small regionals sodas such as Moxie and Kickapoo, the wonder of seafood in small shacks in Louisiana (made me think of Uglesich), and, Michelle's boyfriend being Texan, the merits of Texan vs Carolinan barbecue (everyone voted for Texas). Good times. And good luck to Tyler on his book, and to Michelle on her new job.


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