Old friends (bookends)

Some days I like to check in on old college friends' blogs, and so I was following Baratunde Thurston's ascent as a liberal comedian, whereupon I chanced upon a link to singer/songwriter Mieka Pauley's site. Good to see she's still singing, and apparently doing well... I met her way back in '02, when she opened for Glen Phillips (formerly of Toad the Wet Sprocket) and did this awesome version of "Angel From Montgomery". Such a talent - she's got the guitar chops of a folk singer, but she can belt it like a soul singer.

Mieka Pauley MP3s - try "The Way It Is".


Indri said…
I dated Phillips' brother for about three weeks once. He is also a musician. Somewhere around here I still probably have his demo tape--I mean, I have everything else.

He dumped me.

Then he dated my friend Yvonne for quite a bit longer (I'd introduced them) and she eventually dumped him. Ha!
Daryl said…
You dated him for three weeks and you have everything of his? Wow.

And it's fun to see the dumpers become the dump-ed.

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