Food crisis in Niger

Niger crisis

There's a growing food crisis in Niger (pronounced nee-ZHER, incidentally):
[France] said it would triple food aid to 4.6 million euros ($5.6 million) this year for Niger, where starvation threatens the lives of tens of thousands of children and has left millions of adults hungry after drought and locusts destroyed crops.
Very sad that malaria and diarrhoea may lead to many children's deaths. There's a UK Disaster Emergencies Committee appeal going round. Will make some calls to the Red Cross and World Vision to figure out if there's any way for Singaporeans to donate around here.

Edit: I should note that my calls seemed to indicate that there was no way to donate directly to the Niger crisis in Singapore, although of course funds will wend their way towards Niger.


tscd said…
Medicins Sans Frontieres is a good one to donate to for Niger. I know they've been doing some work out there for years now.
Callie said…
seriously, do world vision really get food across to the places in need?? as in, do all the donated products reach the children? I have read in some articles earlier that most of the donated products are destroyed before it reaches those in need. and with all the charity "fraud" (as i would like to call it) around, the world is becoming really depressing. people donate and yet the donations are used for funding the NONPROFIT orgaanization running... i mean, this happens in every country. was doing a project on a charitable organization in canada earlier, and guess what, 75% of the grants and donations went into organizational costs. of which 60% were salaries!! I am like, what the heck. Is this really charity. Could you please recommend some good charitable organization?

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